Why I Am Now Using Firefox Instead of Opera (Functionality vs. Speed)

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I had been a fan of the Opera browser for quite a time, mainly because of its speed, but I eventually switched to Firefox as my browser of choice. Here are my reasons for doing so:

1. Some of the sites are not fully functional in Opera. An example is the Contacts box in Gmail which does not appear in Opera. I think this is a scripting problem.

2. Rich-text editing, which is very crucial for a blogger, works perfectly in Firefox. In Opera, for example, sometimes the text does not wrap properly when you're typing (at least in a Drupal 4.7 and TinyMCE editor set-up); the text just goes on and on.

3. Opera does not remember all the saved user names and passwords. In Firefox, username suggestion is automatic, based on your past entries in a site's form or input fields; Firefox is able to remember all your previous entries. (Although when I recently upgraded Firefox (a security fix), a bug appeared, and I now have to click a field's button twice to make the saved password appear. Update: Firefox Release seemed to have fixed this.)

Be that as it may, here are some things I like about Opera which I wish Firefox would implement:

1. Let there be an option to show the Find Text box permanently so as to save time. As it is, you have to press CTRL-F every time to make the Find Text box appear.

2. Perhaps there's a plug-in out there, but I think it would be best to have a default where there's an option to open windows and tabs in the background. As it is, it's annoying to leave your current page and navigate back to that page again, whenever you right click and open a link in a new tab or new window.

3. A paste and go option in Firefox when copy pasting URL's or web addresses. As it is, you have to perform two steps: copy and Enter (or click the Go arrow).

In other words, it would be great if Firefox can implement as default those time-saving features which are the very hallmarks of the Opera browser. And vice-versa, Opera would gain more users or reclaim its former fans if its functionality is perfected.