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PinoyTechie.com's AdSense Revenue Sharing Now 70-30!

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Recognizing that the success of this site really rests on the community members, I've revised the revenue sharing scheme to favor the author of the post 70-30!

This means that for every 10 page views of any PinoyTechie.com post you author, 7 times of those 10 page views would be presented with your Google AdSense ID, and any earnings from the ad clicks generated from those 7 instances is yours.

Here are some guidelines to increase the revenue of your posts.

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Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker

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For site and blog owners out there, there's a Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker.com which you can choose for a variety of purposes like choosing a niche for your web site, or choosing a blog or article topic to improve your site traffic.

Also, if you're using Internet Explorer 7 of Firefox 2, you can add a Wordtracker keywords search to your browser with a single click. You can find the link on the same page as the suggestion tool.

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