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Domain Names Bulk Check: A Useful Tool

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If you're into domaining or investing in domain names, or simply want to find an available name for your website, there's a fast way to do it. Just use the Bulk Check tool/feature of, and enter as many domain names you can think of. Domaintools will check which domain names and (top-level domains) TLD's -- e.g. dot com, dot net, dot org, etc. -- are available and show the results in a single page.

Dino Manrique's picture Search Engine Add-on for Firefox

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I recently went to to look for a domain name for a new website, and I was pleased upon reaching the home page to see that I was being offered a Search Engine Add-on for Firefox. This made the process of looking for an appropriate domain name for my site easier. I tried to find out where you can directly download the Domainsbot Search Engine Add-on, but couldn't find it -- searched for it in the site, and then at the Firefox Add-ons homepage.

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