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Recognizing that the success of this site really rests on the community members, I've revised the revenue sharing scheme to favor the author of the post 70-30!

This means that for every 10 page views of any post you author, 7 times of those 10 page views would be presented with your Google AdSense ID, and any earnings from the ad clicks generated from those 7 instances is yours.

Here are some guidelines to increase the revenue of your posts.

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Pro Drupal Development: Book on How to Build and Customize Drupal Sites


Just found out that there's a new Drupal book out there which will teach you all about developing sites with Drupal, how to customize them, develop themes for them, etc. It's called Pro Drupal Development.

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A Good Introduction to Drupal


If you're new to the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), Jason Norwood-Young of Tectonic, has just written a good introductory article to Drupal entitled Do-it-all CMS Drupal. He explains some key terminologies and tells you what to expect if you plan on using the popular CMS.

Here's his conclusion:

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Drupal Association Launch!

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Finally, there's a formal organization to support Drupal, the premier open-source CMS at the moment. It's called the Drupal Association. Here's what Dries Buytaert, Drupal's founder, has to say in the announcement:

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