How Do I Earn From Google AdSense?

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You can earn from Google AdSense just by posting any kind of content type (ad, blog, event, job, review, forum topic, product service, etc.).

Here’s how it works:

1. You create an account with if you're not yet a member of the site.

2. You create a publisher's account with Google Adsense if you don’t have one. You will be asked for the name of your site. You should, by order of priority:

a. Enter the name of your site --, for example -- if you already have one.


b. Create a blog at You will then have a blog name in the form of You should then enter this blog name when applying for a Google Adsense account.


c. Enter the name of this site, 

3. You enter your Google Adsense publisher ID (make sure it is in the form of 'pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' including the 'pub' prefix) into the designated box in the "revenue sharing" tab of your "my account" page on

4. You login and post entries of any content type (ad, blog, event, job, review, forum topic, product service, etc.) at Make sure that it is an original entry and/or you’re not violating anyone’s copyright.

5. serves Google ads with every post you make. 70% of the time the ad is yours, 30% of the time, it's's (in other words, the set-up is a 70-30 sharing of revenue).

You can test this by viewing the page source of your browser (in the Firefox browser menu, for example, it's View>Page Source). You'll see that 7 out of 10 times when you load a page and view the source (in the Firefox browser, it's View>Page Source on the menu), the Google AdSense ID of the ads is yours. 

6. visitors click the ads. You make money. makes money.

Important: Do not click OR tell others to click on the Google ads served ON YOUR OWN POSTS. This is called click fraud, and you risk losing your Google Adsense account since Google Adsense is very strict about these things.

I have also enabled adsense click tracking to determine the users who may be clicking on their own posts.

7. Google sends you a check. Google sends a check.

That's it. Good luck and happy posting! Laughing